Hello World!

Even though it’s the template heading of the first post I think it fits quite well.

Starting a personal finance blog has been on my mind for a while and now that 2017 is already halfway done I want to use that second half of the year to start this blog.

For now I’m going to run this blog anonymously as I’m not sure I feel that comfortable to be found by just anybody.

You are probably already wondering who is writing and babbling here: I’m a girl in her (still) 30s whose life didn’t quite go as planned (whose actually did? 😉 ), living alone, transplanted from one continent to another (Europe to Canada), working full-time in a 9-5 job, studying part-time at night to get a degree and feeling kinda out of place a lot. The tuition fees for my classes are paid as I go/ sign up. So far I didn’t need a student loan and I would like to keep it this way. However, as you can imagine, going to school doesn’t leave much to save up and even though I think I haven’t been bad with my finances it could have been better.

With this blog I’m looking to explore personal finance matters, some new-to-me income sources and write about my own progress as time goes by. Decluttering and getting my ducks in a row will most likely become a topic here as well. And hopefully, over time, this will allow me to live my life more on my terms than I do now. Travelling when I want, spending more time with people dear to me and my hobbies that I currently have barely any time for.

I hope you enjoyed reading my little introduction and see you again soon 🙂